You are probably familiar with Lucardi, a beautiful jewelry brand that was founded in 1986. Better yet: who isn’t? We are proud to say this brand has been in our customer portfolio since 2014. We started out with a successful Canopy Deploy implementation and the activities have now expanded considerably. For example, in 2019 we introduced and fully rolled out the customer data platform Datatrics.


In 2014, Lucardi wanted to take their email marketing to the next level. Canopy Deploy was to become the new system and Lucardi asked us to help with the implementation. A system is nothing without good email templates. All templates are made by us for both desktop and mobile use. We also helped map out the email processes. In the past year we also transferred the transactional email flow to Canopy Deploy.
In the coming year, we will expand our email marketing partnership even further. A new email strategy is being developed, where personalisation and segmentation are key ingredients. All templates will be renewed. In addition to this, we are allowed to develop a dashboard in Power BI. With this dashboard we can provide insight into the most important KPIs of Lucardi, which helps them in making the right marketing decisions.

Customer Data Platform Datatrics

But email marketing is certainly not the only thing we assist Lucardi with. In order to realise Lucardi’s growth ambitions, we needed to offer more relevance. This starts with central data storage, so you can create a personalized shopping experience based on this data. We used the customer data platform (also called CDP) Datatrics to develop this.

Datatrics stores all customer data from its channels in one central place. Based on this data, we can compile profiles of website visitors and recognize each purchase phase someone is in. We measure website and email behaviour to do this. In turn, we can use these profiles when deploying the various media campaigns on Google and Facebook. In addition to this, we can serve relevant content per profile across the various channels. For example, we offer personalized recommendations to each individual on the website and within emails.

We also use various relevant persuasion mechanisms per purchase phase. Since we started using the CDP Datatrics, the email database has grown enormously: currently 70% of newsletter registrations are generated by Datatrics touchpoints, which we show to the right target group at the right time. In addition, through the use of Datatrics, we are achieving a nice conversion increase of 22% and a more effective use of the media budgets.
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Clever has also contributed in the field of media. We ran campaigns for Lucardi for Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. For Valentine’s Day we ran a Youtube campaign. In addition, we also placed display and social advertisements on Fashionchick and placed an advertorial. Due to the great success of this, we were also allowed to start a Youtube campaign for Mother’s Day. The aim of the campaigns was to create awareness and conversions. Bumper ads were used for both campaigns. These short, non-skippable videos are displayed when a video is played. These ensure awareness among the target group: generation Z and millennials. Both campaigns have been very successful.


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