Trekpleister is a chain of Dutch drugstores, affiliated to the more famous A.S. Watson group. Both were lagging behind in the quality of their e-mail marketing, therefore Clever Strategy was hired to advise on the implementation of Selligent, a campaign management system. A system with an incredible amount of possibilities. It’s really a shame if this is not put to good use.

Trekpleister was seeking to achieve more return on her e-mail marketing efforts. Trekpleister was already using Selligent, but neglected to make optimal use of this comprehensive campaign management system. We were asked to help out.
First of all, we developed a new concept, both in terms of design and technology. We reshaped and arranged the entire system and Trekpleister was able to start using the newsletter template developed by us. Trekpleister now customizes each periodic newsletter and continuously monitors the results so as to make every new newsletter better than the previous one. View Trekpleister’s website here.