For every movie Omniversum releases, we set up a media campaign. Our objective is always to attract as much visitors to the cinema as we can. We do this by using action pages and media in a clever way. Recently Google decided to award Omniversum with a monthly advertising credit of $ 10,000.= !

Large screen movie theater Omniversum programmes a number of movies each year. For each movie, we coordinate the marketing campaign. Due to our long relationship with the client we know exactly which approach works. Take for example “D-Day”, an impressive movie about the Normandy landings. We took care of the development of the action page and we coordinate the entire campaign management as well. We handle media planning and procurement, make the design for the action page and write the copy. Apart from SEA, we make active use of remarketing and social media marketing. During the campaign period we continuously monitor the results and we modify the media use, to reach optimal results.

At the start of 2015 we advised Omniversum during their application for a Google Grants account. (the non-profit version of Google AdWords). Google has granted the application due to Omniversum’s educational function. This means a monthly advertising credit of $ 10,000.= on AdWords! Clever took care of the application and established the account. This extra media use is also monitored and optimized on a continuous basis.

View the action page here.