The modern marketing specialist no longer makes decisions based on opinions, but on data. To enable this, it is important that data is collected in a structured and secure manner.


Website data can easily be collected via Google Analytics. This tool gives a sharp look into how your visitors behave. Which pages perform well? Which pages make your visitors drop out? How does your sales funnel perform? It’s the answers to these (and similar) questions that measure the performance of your website.

Google Analytics
Clever Strategy delivers every website with a Google Analytics implementation. We make a thorough testing plan for existing and new websites. Here we define the goals, funnels and other aspects that ensure the information you collect is actually valuable. Here we also indicate how Google Analytics must be set up to comply with the EU Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and which notification must be displayed on the website.

Google tagmanager
We are also familiar with the use of Google Tag Manager, with which new tags can be placed on the website quickly and easily.
Have you already implemented Google Analytics on your website, but are you not quite sure whether it has been set up correctly? Our specialists are happy to take a closer look to see if settings can be adjusted to your benefit.

Sometimes it’s useful to collect additional customer insights. You may be able to find out why people exhibit certain behaviour this way. It may also be useful to investigate whether visitors still find things left to be desired on the website. This can easily be mapped out via a usability study. Clever Strategy collects these insights via Hotjar, on the basis of video recordings of website behaviour, heat maps, website polls and surveys. We first map out which insights our customer wishes to achieve and we plan our efforts accordingly. The information thus acquired must then of course be implemented on your website.

Do you also want to collect more valuable customer insights, allowing you to further optimise your website? Please feel free to contact Christien Blanken to find out more about our methods.



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