Consumers’ expectations are constantly rising. They do not want to be “disturbed” with irrelevant communication. A data management platform ensures you have a personal and relevant customer journey.


If your website shows a visitor products or information that do not interest him, you are being irrelevant. If you confront a visitor with an ad for something he has just bought, you are being irrelevant. If your visitor receives a newsletter on women’s fashion while he is in fact a man, …. you get the picture. A consumer prefers to see a website that matches his interests. He’d rather receive a newsletter that is relevant to him or her at that time. A data management platform (DMP) makes it possible to gather information on the customer so as to provide him or her with personal and relevant communication.

How does it work?
A DMP is a platform in which all customer data is collected from all channels (CRM, e-mails, social and more). This data is combined with other data (demography, weather, traffic and more). The sum total of all this information enables you to offer customers a personalised experience. We can, for example, predict which phase of the purchase someone is in, what type of customer it concerns and in which products he or she is interested. We can convert this data into personalised customer journeys: journeys that are organised based on customer intentions.

In addition, it’s also possible to find new customers with a DMP, using look-a-like targeting of DMP segments. The segments of a DMP can also be used to exclude customers from, for example, Facebook advertising, which increases your net media reach (because there is less waste).

Straightforward implementation
It’s fairly easy to start with a DMP. Once the tool has been chosen and the core team has been formed, Clever Strategy usually needs no more than 3 months for the onboarding process. During this period, the basic design of a DMP is designed, the first customer journeys are implemented and the first results are booked.

Data management platform and GDPR
A lot of personal data is used in a DMP. This is allowed by GDPR, as long as the website visitor is aware his data is collected in a DMP and consents to this via a cookie bar. In addition, under GDPR a DMP must offer the possibility to give your visitors insight into the data that was collected on them. Visitors must also be given the opportunity to change or entirely delete all data that pertains to them. These mutations are then implemented in all linked channels.

Clever Strategy is a partner of Datatrics. With Datatrics we can offer our customers an attractive and easy to use data solution which can connect multiple sources of customer data to each other.  This allows you to communicate more relevantly and it serves to optimise contact moments with a focus on conversion, returns and customer satisfaction. In this way you make communication more relevant, websites more personal and you gain more revenue. All data driven.

Do you seek a way in which to approach your customers in a more personalised and relevant manner? Please feel free to contact Christien Blanken to discuss the benefits and possibilities of a DMP process.



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