Good to see that you are interested in Deployteq’s marketing automation tool! Deployteq is formerly known as “Clang” or “Canopy Deploy”. If you’re looking for these tools, or a different marketing automation tool with options to personalize your emails and campaigns, then you’re in the right place!

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We can certainly imagine you’ve found this landing page because you’re not familiar with Deployteq yet, or perhaps you’re searching for a partner to help you get the most out of Deployteq.

Why choose for Deployteq?

More information about Deployteq

Deployteq is an excellent choice when you’re looking for a tool which helps you to create and set up automated and personalized emails and email campaigns in a fast, easy and user-friendly way. But those are not the only advantages the tool has to offer.


Personalization in emails is a must nowadays. Deployteq offers many options to match content (and therefore the message) with the receiver of an email – the key to a higher engagement and a higher conversion rate!

Email campaigns based on behaviour

Besides personalized content in emails, you can also trigger email campaigns based on your customer’s behaviour. By sending specific emails based on a customer’s action you are able to increase the effectiveness of your communication.

Analytics and reporting

The analysis and reporting options in Deployteq give insight in the performance of your campaigns and emails at all times. These options are even that detailed that you also exactly know when your emails are mostly opened, where and what people click on most of the time and how many times. The best way to learn what works for you and what does not, is to adapt your email send times and content based on these valuable insights.

And even more useful features…

You can segment email groups based on all customer data that is available. For example, purchase history, but also demography, behaviour characteristics and more. Tip: set up an enrichment campaign to fill your database with as much customer data as possible.

Join Deployteq with your website or online shop, or take a step further and set up an Deployteq integration with a customer data platform (CDP). The possibilities are almost endless.

A selection of standard integrations:

  • Meta
  • Salesforce
  • Spotler Activate
  • Datatrics
  • Shopping Minds
  • Channable
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Ideal & Buckaroo

Is your integration not listed? Contact us! Perhaps a standard integration is already available and if not, we’re happy to further assist you.

To build even stronger relationships with your customers.

Even when you don’t have the technical expertise and knowledge, it is easy to set up effective email campaigns. Of course, we’re always happy and available to help you with this.

Deployteq is suitable for all types of communication. Whether you want to reach your customers via email, SMS or Whatsapp; all these types are supported by Deployteq.

Curious about all the possibilities?

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How we can further assist you

We take care of it for you.

Whether you’re using Deployteq for the first time, or whether you’re already working with it. At Clever Strategy, we offer you the possibility to fully unburden you when it comes to Deployteq. From thinking along about a marketing and personalization strategy and setting up the marketing automation tool to creating content. Of course, feel free to choose yourself where and when you’d like us to assist you with.

We are in this together.

We work in hybrid teams so we aim for growth and great results.

We teach you how to do it yourself.

We are more than happy to share our knowledge with you, so you can eventually do it by yourself.

An inspiring case

DDMA EMAS 2023 Nominee

Emailtemplate Lucardi

You can go to any direction with Deployteq. From setting up transactional emails to sending personalized emails, whether or not connected to a Customer Data Platform (CDP). Discover more with this inspiring case – a case done in collaboration with our customer Lucardi which got us a nomination for the DDMA EMAS of 2023.

Are you ready to increase you ROIs and communicate even more effectively?

Are you curious about a demo and discover all the possibilities Deployteq has to offer you and your company? Or can we assist you to get the most out of your results with help of the marketing automation tool? Feel free to contact us.