So you’ve just launched your new website or landing page. Your media campaign runs like clockwork and there’s sufficient traffic on your page. Yet, somehow, conversions and revenues are way below par. How is this possible? How can you improve this? You want to move quickly, because time is money here.


Conversion optimisation is essential for any company looking to earn from their website, let alone increase their earnings. The developments for websites are fast paced and consumers expect you to keep up. If you don’t, consumers will drop out or worse: switch to the competition. So conversion optimisation is basically a continuous and inescapable tug-of-war with your competitors. The ultimate goal is to grow your business and spend less on marketing.

At Clever Strategy we are happy to help you get the most out of your website. A conversion optimisation process at Clever Strategy looks like this:

Step 1:
We start by collecting relevant customer data in order to get insights. This can be done on the basis of website analyses and usability studies.

Step 2:
Based on the insights we gained, we make assessments which we proceed to prioritise jointly with the client. We also look whether the adjustments needed are of a technical, functional or intuitive nature.

Step 3:
We make hypotheses which adjustments need to be addressed first and work out a test plan.

Step 4:
We design the test variants and design the A / B tests.

Step 5:
We analyse and report the results of the tests.

Step 6:
If the adjustments prove to be successful, we implement them.

We go through these steps periodically. After every completion we start our new run back at step 1. This way you keep perfecting your website.

A/B testing
A / B testing is indispensable for a successful conversion optimisation process. With A / B testing, opinions, assumptions and feelings are translated into facts. An A / B test makes it possible to test multiple variants of a landing page. For example, you split your test group into two groups. You send one group to variant A and the other to variant B. For each test, an adjustment is made on one element of your page. For example, the layout of a page or textual changes. We never adjust multiple elements at the same time, because then you cannot connect the adjustment with the result and learn what made the actual difference.

A/B test tools
There are several good A / B test tools on the market. Clever Strategy works with both Visual Website Optimizer and Google Optimize. Both tools make it possible to bundle data and convert this data into actions. It identifies the bottlenecks and makes them visually transparent. In addition to using the tools, we also think strategically about possible optimisations and possibilities. We only get started with testing once we have a thorough test plan in place. We work with fixed test periods and preferably with a fixed test team that consists of several disciplines. Through A / B testing you learn to better understand your visitors and gain insight into how your most important conversion bottlenecks can be optimised.

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