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At Clever Strategy we firmly believe that data and technology can teach us all we need to know to perfectly serve customers. We think in terms of returns and customer satisfaction and want to measure and know everything.


Data is indispensable in our lives nowadays and this is no different in the field of marketing. The amount of data that is being collected is growing exponentially and with it the opportunities to actually work “data driven and fact based”. Customer insights are crucial for effective and intelligent marketing. Opinions, intuitions and assumptions must be based on figures. But that’s the easy part. The trick is to act quickly and correctly on the insights you gain. This is where you distinguish yourself from the herd.

Clever Strategy’s method has always been “data driven and fact based”. We want to know and measure everything, and think in terms of returns and customer satisfaction. This is how we help companies grow.

Do you want to know more about working “data driven and fact based”? Please feel free to contact Christien Blanken.


Data-driven & fact-based approach

We think in terms of return on investment and customer satisfaction and want to measure everything in order to improve.

Full service marketingbureau

The one-stop shop for smart business cases and omnichannel solutions.

‘Lean & mean’ marketing

We work with smart technology that is extremely effective and efficient.


Clever believes in working together. With our customers, but also with business partners, because together we are smarter. We connect forces to achieve the best results. We do this through exclusive partnerships with the parties below.