In addition to the online component in media campaigns, Clever Strategy also advises on the use of offline media. Relevance is always important, especially in offline media. This is why we give strategic advice on which media channels fit best with your product or service. Of course we also seek to appeal to the right target audience at the right time.


Offline media have a reinforcing effect on your overall media campaign. Used in combination with online media, it ensures that the campaign has a faster and longer effect on the target audience. This way, the desired objectives and KPIs can be achieved earlier.

Nowadays we hear many people say that no one is watching TV anymore. TV is dead, or so they say. Think again. In 2018, the Dutch people watched 167 minutes of TV per day (source: SKO). Of course change is taking hold here as well. Consumers nowadays “digest” their media quite differently than they did 10 years ago, and particularly for TV this changes fast and hard.

Due to the high impact of TV advertising, it is a very interesting medium. A TV commercial combines image and sound, and offers the possibility to touch, move or amuse people. The combination of TV advertising with an online campaign has an especially reinforcing effect.

In the Netherlands, radio reaches nearly 88% of the population aged 10 and above. It is a good booster for traffic to your website, so the combination with online advertising has a strong reinforcing effect. Radio is a mass medium that is able to quickly build brand awareness and expand your range. In addition, the amount of attention this particular medium receives from its consumers (especially while driving) is large, and listeners often remain loyal to a channel.

Out of Home
Out of home is a mass medium with which you can achieve a large amount of range and connections with your target audience, in a relatively short period of time. If you do not want to reach the masses but want to advertise very relevantly in specific areas or locations, Out of Home is also an interesting option. These days, more and more boards are becoming digital. This way, you can switch faster and be more relevant, for example by starting the ad when the temperature rises above 25 degrees. You can even create interaction with your target group.

Despite the falling print runs of daily newspapers and magazines, print can still be very effective. Print has all the advantages you will not find with other marketing channels: your audience is better focused when reading print, and print usually inspires more confidence than online ads do.


Would you like to hear more about the mixes of different media channels you can use for your media campaign? Please contact Femke Evers for more information.

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