Do you want to generate leads and convert them to sales?  Sharpspring is your tool!


Sharpspring follows your visitors before you even know of their existence. This tool maps out how and through which channel visitors land on your website. This is very important information in online advertising!

The better you get to know your potential target group, the better you’re able to adapt your content and campaigns to them. You do this by subtly triggering their interest with specific content, which is essential during a potential customer’s journey. During this journey, you want to convert a prospect into a website visitor. You then want to convert this visitor into a lead and you want to convert this lead into the ultimate goal: a customer!

Sharpspring works with a scoring mechanism to qualify your prospects. This is done on the basis of actions that someone performs on your website. Sharpspring links this person to the sales person within your company, so that targeted sales or follow-up activities can be deployed.

Clever Strategy is a supplier of SharpSpring. We implement this “all-in-one marketing automation software” for our customers. We create specific landing pages with triggers to which we link scores. We then build relevant campaigns for a subtle follow-up to these triggers in order to stimulate prospects further into the sales process.

A tool such as Sharpspring, combined with smart campaigns triggered to fire at critical moments, can convert cold leads into interested customers.

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