Hunkemöller is perhaps the most famous lingerie chain in Europe with more than 940 stores in 21 countries. We have been supporting Hunkemöller since 2016 in their various online marketing activities. A great partnership that has already resulted in 2 Selligent Awards!

The loyalty program for Hunkemöller is something we are very proud of. And for good reason; this has been rewarded with a Selligent Award for ‘Exceptional loyalty program 2019’! In 2020, the collaboration between Hunkemöller and Clever Strategy was once again rewarded with a nice prize from Selligent. This time we were rewarded for our way of harnessing the power of AI in email. Using one of the functionalities of the AI module within Selligent – Selligent Cortex – we were able to set up smart audiences for Hunkemöller.

By making smart use of all data collected from the website and customers, we were able to build customer profiles. This allows for better ad targeting. Using less emails and better targeting resulted in more engagement. The open rate of the emails sent increased by 23% and there were more online conversions. This resulted in a notable increase in revenues. The CTR was even 44% higher than in previous campaigns. We’d say that’s a nice result! Check here if you want to know more about this case:


Data is indispensable in a well-founded marketing strategy. At Clever Strategy we work result-oriented and this is impossible without good data. Fact-based and data-driven marketing is in the end what it’s all about. For Hunkemöller we made a smart solution for this, by making connectors that tied together all collected data in one central point. We used Selligent for this.


All data we collect from the website and from emails ends up in Selligent. We use this data to approach consumers in a relevant and well-timed manner. For example, emails contain products that relate to previously placed orders, and subscribers are shown similar articles to the ones they filled out their size for.


We developed automated reports to give Hunkemöller’s marketers a clear view on the generated data. Here they can easily extract useful information, such as fluctuations in the number of newsletter subscribers and the number of promotional emails sent.


Clever Strategy has also contributed in the field of email marketing outside the loyalty program. We have made great developments in this area in recent years.


A good system is nothing without a good email template. That’s why an email template has been drawn up which Hunkemöller can use itself to customize emails with. We’ve also left room for personalized content. We’ve all made it user-friendly and very handy! All communication is centralized through Selligent. This makes it possible to measure data in a qualitative way.


In addition to sending newsletters, we’ve also set up automated campaigns for Hunkemöller. With the help of AI we have the possibility to always provide the customer with the right content. For example, it’s possible to display customized content based on product information that matches the interests of the recipient. Everything is aimed at optimal results, of course.