Hokkai Suisan is a producer of Japanese fish delicacies located in IJmuiden. A unique concept in which special and traditional Japanese dishes are delivered to more than 7,000 families throughout Europe and the United Kingdom by means of a freezer truck. Hokkai Suisan wants to make both authentic and modern high-quality Japanese seafood dishes accessible to as many people as possible.


These Japanese specialties are IJmuiden’s best kept secret. And such a well-kept secret deserves all the attention! For this reason, Clever Strategy has developed a new digital strategy. The products should receive all the attention they deserve through wider promotion. We want to unburden not only the traditional Japanese, but also the consumers by introducing them to the delicious, healthy Hokkai Suisan products in an easy way.


Based on the new strategy, we started to set the digital transformation in motion. A new webshop has been designed for this. From the design to building the website. All these tasks were performed by Clever Strategy. The new webshop has been launched under the name

Digitisation here means a big change for both consumers and Hokkai itself. In the old situation, customers ordered the Hokkai Suisan products via an order list in Excel. Nowadays you can add products in the shop to your shopping cart to place your order. We also built in the option in the webshop to upload the Excel order lists, so as to make the transition to the new method as gradual as possible.

The webshop is mainly focused on content optimisation based on informative and SEO objectives. As Hokkai Suisan supplies seafood specialties throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, the website has also been made multilingual. We also took into account the routes that Hokkai Suisan drives through the different countries and on which days it is possible for the customer to have the order delivered.


You can get more out of a good webshop if you use data. Since we take a fact-based and data-driven approach, we are happy to oblige here. While we’re on it, we also train our clients to think and work fact-based, for example by visualizing the relevant data. We gave a Google Analytics training to Hokkai Suisan, after which they started working with a dashboard in Data Studio. This dashboard gives Hokkai interesting insights and ensures a continuous fact-based mindset.


There were also opportunities for Hokkai Suisan in the field of media. For example, we supported them with social media campaigns to promote their events. We also set up various retargeting campaigns to bring home delivery to the attention of website visitors.

Would you like to experience the unique experience of Hokkai yourself? You can enjoy the restaurant Hokkai Kitchen in IJmuiden. Would you rather get started with the beautiful products from Hokkai? Check out the webshop. And don’t forget the recipes on the website that can help you on your way!