Kruidvat, Holland’s largest chain of drugstores, is of course one giant marketing machine. But one where everything revolves around efficiency and return on investment. Campaign management system Selligent can cater to that need. It is the Rolls Royce of campaign management systems, but you do have to know how to run it.

Kruidvat uses campaign management system Selligent. This is a system with boundless possibilities, which can make it a bit complex at times. We are partner of Selligent here in the Netherlands, so we know the system inside and out. Hence, Kruidvat requested us to advise them on how to make best use of this system. We advised Kruidvat on how to make best use of Selligent’s possibilities. We also advised them on their periodic newsletter. We translated the concepts into e-mail templates compatible with all devices. Kruidvat finalizes the templates themselves.

Kruidvat’s e-mail marketing is now completely compatible with the customer profiles that are being established. We also connected these profiles to Kruidvat’s famous customer discount cards. View the website at


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