Performance Max CASE 2023: LensExpress


LensExpress is an online shop selling contact lenses with the goal to make contact lenses affordable and accessible for everyone. LensExpress distinguishes itself from other opticians with their broad variety of products, fast and free shipment, easy repeat orders and the possibility to directly claim the costs at your health insurance company. The past years, new competitors have entered the market which unfortunately had negative effects on the campaign’s performance as a result.

What would be the next step if your CPAs increase and your ROAS decreases as a result of a more competitive market?

Used technology

In order to monitor and optimize the performance of the Performance Max campaign, we use data that give insight in the KPIs and website behaviour that emerge from the campaign. For the Performance Max campaign, this data is gained from Google Ads (and corresponding reports of the platform) and GA4.

  • Analysis tool:


  • Advertising tool:

    Google Ads


Online campaigns

For LensExpress, we perform various online campaigns with different goals. With this case, we focus on the Performance Max campaign and the smart way in which we set up the campaign. The Performance Max makes use of the data that is gathered through the generic conversion campaigns that run beside it.

Performance Max

Performance Max is performed according to the principles of our liquid media approach. Results of the campaign are key. We monitor the results on a daily base, that is why we can quickly adapt and shift wherever needed during times that the campaign’s performance decreases. The liquid media approach also means that we look further than only the campaigns’ performance. We also focus on the performance of website to get the best results. The website’s content is also an important factor in the success of a campaign.

The strategy of Performance Max goes as followed:

  • We optimally make use of the smart algorithm of Performance Max
  • We focus on relevant online searches
  • We optimize the product feed and divide product groups based on margin and profit
  • We target website visitors and previous purchasers
  • Asset groups are set up in an optimal way based on available content
  • Wherever possible, we gather extra relevant data to gain more insights for optimizing the campaign.


  • Conversions +163%
  • Sales +196%
  • CPA +9,5%
  • ROAS is improved from 211% to 269%

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