Since 2014, Lucardi is working with Clever Strategy. What began with an implementation of Deployteq as a marketing automation tool, has now grown into a strategic partnership – one which also includes the customer data platform (CDP) Squeezely.

In this case, we dive deeper into the abandoned cart campaign which we have created for Lucardi. An inspiring and valuable case where personalization and smart data and technology strategy come together.


With more than 100 physical stores and an online shop, Lucardi is the largest jewellery chain in the Netherlands. The assortment consists of trendy jewellery, watches and accessories for men, women and children.

If it comes to jewellery, purchases are difficult to predict. Styles, colours and materials are continuously combined and altered, and jewellery is often bought as a gift. So it is a challenge to place customers in a certain segment. What if they’re looking for jewellery for themselves – or for someone else? And do they prefer gold or silver? Or do they not even have a preference?

A strong personalization, data and contact strategy helps Lucardi to convert new customers faster and easier, and to convince existing customer make a purchase. This case offers a solution for a situation in which an online customer shows interest in a certain product category, but has not been triggered to a purchase yet.

Used technology

In the abandoned cart category campaign, all website visitors who viewed at least three products in a specific category and haven’t made a purchase yet, a personal email in which we tempt them to still make a purchase. In order to create an abandoned cart campaign for Lucardi, the following (combination of) technologies are used:

  • Analysis tool:



Gathering the essential data
With help of Squeezely (CDP), we have gained valuable insight in the behaviour of Lucardi’s website visitors. As a result, lots of data is available on which personalization is based and implemented. Squeezely makes sure that website visitors are recognized in an early stage. Previous website visitors directly see personalized content, new website visitors see personalized content based on look-a-like profiles.

The real-time connection with Deployteq makes sure we know whether the user already has an opt-in or not. Does the user not have an opt-in yet? Then a discount trigger is used to still request an opt-in. Any changes in profile information are synchronized directly between Squeezely and Deployteq.

Creating a segment and email group
Based on profile information, a segment is made in Squeezely. The segment contains all users who have viewed a product in a certain category in the past seven days, but haven’t made a purchase yet. This segment is forwarded to Deployteq.

In Deployteq, we still do an extra check. We now know that a website visitor did not bought a product in this category online, but what if he/she visited one of the Lucardi stores to make a purchase? If that is not the case, then this user still receives the abandoned category mail. In addition, prioritization is included if a user falls into multiple product categories, to prevent someone from receiving multiple emails at once.

Sending the email
The campaign that is created in Deployteq sends personalized interest email once per day to all users in the segment. In this email, the abandoned category is highlighted. The content that is shown includes among which last viewed products in the category and look-a-like products.

Meanwhile, more abandoned category campaigns are live for several categories. Also here, prioritization is given so that a user only receives one personalized abandoned category email. Users who received this email are automatically excluded from receiving newsletters or emails from other campaigns for the next 36 hours – that is to prevent an overload of emails from Lucardi.


  • +323% transactions

    from the cart abandonment journey

  • +86% revenue

    per sent cart abandonment email

  • Increase in turnover of 201%

    from emails sent from the cart abandonment journey

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