Sometimes we receive a very specific request, as was the case with jewelry store Lucardi. ”Please help us with the implementation of Deployteq.” Deployteq is an amazing campaign management system with a number of possibilities. But you have to know how to use it to its full potential.

At Lucardi, they know a thing or two about e-mail marketing. But they needed to reach the next level in their campaign management system in order to achieve better results. And Deployteq was their system of choice. Lucardi asked us to assist them in the implementation of this system because we are partners of Deployteq in the Netherlands. A system as this one needs good e-mail templates to function properly. We made these templates for desktop as well as for mobile use. We also advised in mapping out their e-mail processes.

Now Lucardi does 95% of its e-mail marketing by itself. They create their own content, send their own newsletters, conduct tests with different variations of newsletters and make their own analyses. This way, Lucardi can optimize its templates after every newsletter. Every now and then we meet up and see how we can achieve even better results. View the website at