Our partnership with Depend is one of which we are very proud. Via the Depend webshop, people with unwanted urine loss can order incontinence material quickly and easily. Thanks to Depend’s incontinence products, they can continue to enjoy the things they love to do. Something you can truly depend on! We work for this beautiful brand using almost all specialisms within Clever Strategy. That makes it a multifaceted challenge in which we continue to innovate time and again.


There is a lot to consider when maintaining a webshop. That is why our Clever Shops department is there to relieve our customers of this work. We maintain and optimise the webshop and ensure continued development and growth. Together with our client we work towards an optimal result !


We take care of the entire webshop operation for Depend, including stock management (both analysis and procurement) and fulfilment. On top of that, we make extensive analyses of sales and customer behaviour, based on sales data in WooCommerce and through Google Analytics.


We also create and optimise a lot in terms of content. We create and send personalised emails in which we load dynamic content based on segments, we write product and category content and we develop landing pages with interesting and useful information for the visitor.


We also provide the Depend customer service, maintain the online marketplaces and keep track of the review platforms.


Running a website requires it to be properly built first, of course. That’s why Depend relied on Clever Strategy to build its webshop in WooCommerce. A challenging task with a great result. We also take care of all the necessary support work, such as bug fixing.


We developed an email template to send emails from CanopyDeploy. Our development team also developed automated email campaigns. These flows ensure that the customer receives the right information at the right time. This makes for an automated flow that perfectly matches the wishes of both client and consumer.


It can be quite difficult to find the online product that exactly matches your needs and wishes. This is especially true for the target audience of Depend, which is a bit older than average. Modern technology may require a bit too much from them at times, and their online skills are generally less strong. We have therefore made various adjustments to the webshop to make online ordering as easy as possible for them.

A clear advice tool is very important for this specific demographic. This has led to the development of the “help me choose tool”. By answering a few short questions, visitors of the webshop can easily find out which product fits their needs best.

The product filtering tool makes it easier for visitors to find the right product in the webshop.


To increase Depend’s online sales and visibility, we have also developed a multi-channel media strategy. We use various performance channels, such as Google Ads,

to show the products when people enter relevant Google searches. In addition, we collaborate with relevant medical platforms to achieve not only performance, but also reach and visibility.



As a webshop you want to offer your visitor a user-friendly experience. But the usual optimisation methods are not always effective when dealing with an older audience. For example, the usual removal of unnecessary information (“noise”) has the unwanted side effect of making it difficult for them to understand what to do. Adding information can then be your solution.

A/B testing gives us insights into the effects of our adjustments. A Hotjar heatmap provides a lot of information on customer behaviour and we get a lot of information from our analyses in Google Analytics. In addition, feedback from our customers in customer service provides us with interesting insights. These are the ingredients with which we perform A/B testing.


In addition to the A/B tests, our data department also makes professional dashboards. This is how we create a clear view on e-commerce performance. These dashboards clearly visualise the results of the webshop. For example, we can distinguish per product category or customer segment. In addition, we can use the dashboards to keep track of website behaviour.

These handy dashboards ensure that we keep a good overview of the results and goals so we can intervene where necessary. We are currently working on an automated method, which shows real-time visualizations to the customer and offers direct control. This ensures even better fact-based work.


A medical condition such as involuntary loss of urine requires a specific and patient approach. We therefore work closely with our client on a strategic level. Their knowledge and insights, combined with the data we obtained from our analyses, have resulted in a smart strategy for the Depend webshop. For example, we have developed customer journeys and customer segmentations. We put everything to work to provide the Depend consumer with relevant information at the right time, via the right channel. Whether we succeed is a matter of fact-based monitoring and adjustment.

We also develop the content and promotion calendar for email and other media channels. In addition, we provide various marketing campaigns such as discount promotions and opt-in campaigns. The studies into unwanted urine loss, changes in society and our webshop data continuously provide new insights and sometimes also challenges. We base our decisions on data and adjust where necessary. Thanks to this approach, we can respond quickly and accurately to developments within the market and our target audience.