Thanks to Girav, tall men never have to wear undersized t-shirts anymore. At Girav you can find T-shirts in up to 17 sizes so you always have a shirt that fits. The idea was of course born out of necessity, but in the meantime it has grown into a considerable success. But how do you ensure that you keep reaching the right audience with your product? And how do you ensure all content they receive is relevant to them? That’s where Clever Strategy came in. We have contributed in various areas to ensure optimal results together.


By smartly using data, we ensured each website visitor is only exposed to content that is relevant to them. With a data driven approach we aim to get much more business out of the website and mailing. Our tool of choice for this is Datatrics.



But how do you approach this? Our data specialists have provided training to the Girav team so that they themselves gain more insight into developing personalised content. They now know how to use Datatrics and its possibilities. This provides them with many new insights. We did this by actually devising personalized content on the spot during the team training.

We’ve also linked Datatrics to the campaign management system Clang, which enables personalized content in emails as well.


During follow-up training, we defined several segments with Girav. These segments are linked to the data from Datatrics. The segments are defined by buying behavior, demographics, source and much more. By clustering the target group, each group can be reached separately for specific marketing purposes.

After this, the Girav team worked on setting up the customer journeys in Datatrics. They managed to set up relevant content based on personal behaviour that fits within the purchase phase of the visitor.



Next, we put our media specialists to work on a social campaign for Girav. The focus was on attracting new customers. Within the campaign, we developed various Facebook and Instagram Ads. The campaign consisted of multiple layers. In the first layer, the brand Girav was exposed to as many people as possible. In the second layer, specific groups were targeted with remarketing with the ultimate aim of conversion. We finished it off by connecting a discount code to the ads, with which you could order 2 basic T-shirts for the price of 1. For this purpose, a unique discount code was immediately generated on the website or sent via mail.

We wanted to focus our campaign on getting new clients, so we made clever use of exclusion of target groups. We did this by connecting the Facebook pixel to existing customers’ purchase data in campaign management system Clang. This way, no existing customer of Girav was unnecessarily exposed to the ad campaign. For the purpose of the promotional offer, new customers were distinguished from existing ones by matching email addresses within Clang. The campaign was a great success and brought in many new customers.