Depend.nl is an online shop selling urinary incontinence material for men and women experiencing urinary incontinence. Not only does the online shop offer a wide variety of products, you can also get advice on which products fit you best. Depend.nl is also a reliable source offering a wide range of information about urinary incontinence.

The online shop of Depend faces lots of challenges. We face high competition of renowned brands such as Tena and Always. Additionally, media budgets are low and our target group is less proficient in an online environment, mainly because of their age. By working smart, we have reached great results and growth. A case study on which we are proud!

Used technology

For this full funnel campaign, we used different technologies:

  • Media tools:
    • Affiliatie marketing
    • Google Ads
  • Analysis tools:
    • GA4
    • Data gathered by Deployteq
    • Data gathered by WordPress


This full funnel campaign was launched during the World Continence Week in 2023, serving the following goals:

  • Reach new customers
  • Increase loyalty among returning customers
  • Increase the amount of opt-ins
  • Structurally increase monthly sales

In order to reach these goals, the following methods were implemented during the campaign:

  • Introduction discount for new customers
  • Loyalty discount for returning customers
  • Discount on repeat orders, also after the promotional period
  • Special instructions for customer service, so people with questions are guided through the order process in a optimal way.
  • Personalized content on the website to optimally guide website visitors through the funnel.

Reach new customers

In order to reach new customers, affiliate marketing was used during the campaign as well as adapted advertisements in Google Ads. Also, persons who included in our email database but have not yet placed an order were approached in a personal way to encourage them making their first purchase in the Depend online shop.

Increase loyalty among returning customers

Our vision is that a relationship with a customer is not built yet after a first purchase. A customer relationship (and structural growth) only emerges from the moment when a person ordered at least twice. There are customers in Depend’s email database who only made one purchase, but also customers with two or more purchases. Both customer segments received an email with a personalized approach. Additionally, these customers were targeted via Google Ads.

Convince new customers to make a repeat order, also after the promotional period

To encourage customers who have made a purchase during the promotional period to also make a repeat purchase, a special discount voucher was added in the box they’ve ordered.


  • 35% more new customers

    during the promotional period, compared to the same period in 2022

  • 44% more repeat customers

    during the promotional period, compared to the same promotion in 2022

  • 80% more opt-ins

    during the promotional period, compared to the same promotion in 2022

  • Structural increase of sales

    with an average of 17%

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